Company Overview

In 1982 Bari Plastic was launched in Bangladesh. It was the pioneer in manufacturing Poly bag, shopping bag and packaging items. It was one of the leading companies in Bangladesh to export poly bags in different countries in bulk quantity. Bari Plastics stocks the widest variety of engineering and industrial plastics in the industry. Our products come from a wide range of superior suppliers — well-established and respected companies, as well as some of the most innovative manufacturers of engineering plastic stock shapes on the scene today.
Bari Plastic is  specialized in polymer, chemicals and additive supplier in Bangladesh. Attention to detail, prompt delivery and product quality resulted in major growth of company and it is not just trader or supplier it is technology transfer and technical supporter.

Uses of Our Plastic Materials in the various Industries

Our Service And Solutions

We cover the chain from factory to converter; we store and deliver  in bags; and we handle all the documentation. Material is delivered straight from the Manufacturer or from one of our logistical hubs.

Our Supply Network has been Establish all over the World including Asia Pacific, Europe and America   .

Our professional team makes sure that the product is always at the right place at the right time Marketing & Sales.

Bari operates as a market regulator for its suppliers. We promote and distribute their commodity polymers in new, upcoming and established markets. These commodity polymers are of prime and substandard quality, packed in original bags, silo or under private label.


Few Of Our Precious Clients